Bros Snuck Into Spurs’ Locker Room at MSG and Asked Gregg Popovich a Question on a Camera Phone

Here's what he told us in the email:

Hopefully it doesn't take a Knicks fan to appreciate what happens in this video.

A buddy of mine pulled an all-time move last night at the Knicks game. After the Knicks put a whoopin' on the Spurs, we somehow ended up in the Spurs locker room – no press passes or credentials.  Next thing we know we are standing with NYC reporters during Pop's post-game Q&A.  There's a break in the questions and that's when my buddy goes for it and poses as a reporter to ask Pop about JR Smith's performance and the Spurs game plan to stop him.  Video isn't great quality and it's a little difficult to hear Pop's response, but my buddy's question is clearly audible.  No hesitation on his part – straight balls of genius.

Like to thank those vigilant MSG security guards for making this happen.  Amazing how far a suit and pea coat will get you.

The audio from Pop's response may as well be in another language but this is what he said (as transcribed by Deadspin):

J.R Smith had a solid game tonight—20 points, lotta minutes—did you guys have a strategy defending him, coming into the night?

“Whatever we planned didn't work. [Terrifying pause.] He's a scorer. He's a good scorer. Heck of an offensive player. He's playing much harder, defensively, than he has in the past, so he's buying Mike's message.”

In their back and forth with Deadspin, the Bros told them they got kicked out after trying to snap a half-naked photo of Carmelo Anthony. However, I'm not so sure that actually happened, or if the Bros thought they needed to add some sex appeal (albeit homoerotic) to the story for Deadspin to post. Someone should sneak into the Spurs locker room after their next game and ask Gregg Popovich about it. He's happy to answer any and all questions.