Browns Cut K Cade York After He Shared Highlights On IG Mid-Game, Deleted Post After Missing Two Kicks In Tie Game

Cade York

Nick Cammett/Getty Image


The Browns have released Kicker Cade York after trading for Chargers Kicker Dustin Hopkins, per NFL Insider Jordan Schultz.

Original Story:

It seems like even professional NFL players aren’t immune to the siren call of social media, even during a game.

In an eyebrow-raising incident, Cleveland Browns kicker Cade York found out the hard way that there’s a time and place for everything, including sharing highlights on social media.

During the halftime break of the Cleveland Browns’ game against the Philadelphia Eagles, York shared a post of highlights from the game, the problem is the game was far from over.

York’s performance in the game had its ups and downs. He made three kicks but also had another the opportunity to make a field goal not once, but twice to win it.

He missed one of the attempts, then the Eagles were called for a penalty which gave York another try. He missed again.

The game itself ended in an unexpected 18-18 tie. Such outcomes are quite rare, even in the preseason, and had York made his kick the Browns would’ve won.

York’s account deleted the highlight post after the game.

This incident serves as a reminder that even professional athletes can find themselves caught in the web of social media allure, even when the stakes are high.

Maybe next time, York will decide to hold off on the social media updates until after the final whistle.