Browns Fans Already Want Team To ‘Fail For Cardale’ And The NFL Season Hasn’t Even Started Yet

Want to know what it’s like to grow up a lifelong Cleveland Browns fan, guys? This story epitomizes it, as I’ve personally had to deal with shit like this ever since I was born.

As most of us know, the Brownies have been the laughingstock of the entire NFL since they “returned” in 1999 after a three-year hiatus after some jackass former owner decided to relocate the team to Baltimore.

Ever since then, the team has rotated through quarterbacks as if they were chicks on Tinder, seemingly, swiping right or left on the ones they believe are the best option. And, just as you’re reminded with those broads on the ‘der, the team quickly discovers that not all decisions should be based off of looks alone, as there’s more than just physical appearances in making such a decision.

//, here are Browns fans actually tweeting out that they want the team to “Fail for Cardale,” as in Cardale Jones, the national title-winning quarterback for the Ohio State Buckeyes who looked pretty impressive in the Bucks’ win against Virginia Tech last night.



So, here are some dickbag Browns fans wanting the Dawg Pound to tank the 2015 season before it even begins on yet another quarterback prospect, proving that, maybe, just maybe, there is a team more dysfunctional than the Washington Redskins.




For the sake of my health and thinning hair, I really hope current players on the squad don’t actually take this shit seriously—although, with Josh McCown, Johnny Manziel and Austin Davis as the current quarterback options, they might not actually have a choice.

To my beloved, Cleveland fans, thanks for reminding me why we’re considered to be the most depressing fans in the NFL.