Browns Fans Lose Their Minds After Refs Screw Team From Fumble Recovery And Reversed First Down Call In 4th Quarter

The Cleveland Browns had to two pretty big calls go against them that allowed the Raiders to come back and send the game to overtime.

With 6 minutes and change in the fourth quarter, Browns defensive end Myles Garrett appeared to force a fumble after stripping Derek Carr but for whatever reason refs felt that Carr’s “forward progress” had stopped.

The replay shows that the refs clearly made a mistake and that it was an obvious fumble.

Later in the game, the Raiders, who were down 7 points at the time, were given another break when refs somehow overruled a Browns first down on replay which forced the team to punt the ball.

Even Fox Sports analyst Dean Blandino was baffled by the call.

The Raiders were able to march down the field and score a touchdown to extend the game into overtime and Browns fans were pissed.

Update: The Raiders were able to win the game in overtime and Browns fans were even more pissed off than before.

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