Bruce Springsteen Throws His Guitar And Smashes A Roadie In The Head

Bruce Springsteen on stage

Getty Image / Paras Griffin

At the ripe age of 73, Bruce Springsteen and his E-Stree Band have embarked on a world tour with concert dates across the United States and Europe. According to all the social media chatter, ‘The Boss’ and his band have still got it but a recent mishap in Atlanta has left an early stain on the tour.

After finishing a song in Atlanta, Bruce Springsteen throws his guitar to his longtime roadie/guitar tech Kevin Buell who isn’t able to catch Bruce Springsteen‘s iconic 1950s Fender Esquire.

When Buell misses the toss Bruce’s Fender smashes him in the head and everyone immediately showed concern as it looked like there could be a serious injury. In the video, you can see Kevin Buell hit the deck after being knocked in the head by Springsteen’s 1950s Fender Esquire.

This was all just an isolated incident, right? Not a pattern?? Well… During the same tour stop in Atlanta, Bruce Springsteen threw his Fender to nobody. He just chucked it back and might’ve thought someone was there to catch it but it plopped onto the equipment.

Here’s what was supposed to happen when Bruce Springsteen throws his guitar on stage:

Even though that incident happened around 10 days ago, Bruce Springsteen Throws Guitar appeared to be trending on Thursday. Some people were concerned that Bruce was ill after seeing his name trend only to discover he’s tossing guitars around willy-nilly.

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