Bruins May Have Photoshopped Boston Police Logo Off Of Charlie Coyle’s Shirt In Social Media Posts

bruins photoshop charlie coyle boston police logo shirt

Getty Image / Kyle Ross

As the NHL is getting set to restart its season, we have some serious drama involving the Boston Bruins, forward Charlie Coyle, a Boston Police Department shirt, and the team’s communications department.

On Thursday, the Bruins shared a video on Instagram featuring a number of different players including a quick shot of Coyle taping his stick while wearing a black, Bruins themed Boston PD shirt. You can clearly see the logo in the video below.

The team also posted a set of pictures of Coyle and teammates shooting basketball as part of their warmup routine. In the first photo, you can see Coyle standing underneath the basket with a logo on his shirt that looks like the same one in the video. The very next photo is a closeup shot of Coyle taking a shot and the logo isn’t there. The fourth photo is another shot of Coyle and, again, no logo.

You can be the judge on whether or not the team elected to photoshop the logo off of his shirt. It’s possible Coyle had on the shirt in the video and in the first photo then for some reason changed his shirt or flipped it inside out, but the evidence couldn’t be any more clear that something happened with the logo on his shirt.

Turtle Boy Sports went into further detail about the situation going on an investigation of their own about not only Coyle’s shirt but goaltender Tuuka Rask wearing a Boston Police hat during a recent interview and a specific Boston Globe reporter essentially stirring all of this up in the name of social injustice.

Like most other professional sports organizations, the Bruins have worked closely with the local police department and have created Blue Line Pals, a program that brings inner-city kids to Bruins games for free and raises money for multiple local charities.