Bryant McKinnie Agrees to Pay a Cool $150K for Past Lap Dances


You don’t love lap dances. Bryant McKinnie loves lap dances.

The veteran offensive tackle has agreed to pay Trick Daddy’s father $150,000 for lap dances racked up across several Miami nightclubs. That is a whole lot of bumping and grinding.

The original figure from when this story surfaced over a year ago was $375,000 — a figure McKinnie called absurd because no club would let a patron rack up that type of debt.

Apparently it wasn’t so absurd after all.

On one hand, it’s sort of sad McKinnie had to pay six figures for back lap dances. On the other, it’s really hard to feel sorry for a guy who has that kind of bread to blow on jiggly parts.

[H/T: Larry Brown Sports]

[Image via Jason Bridge/USA Today Sports]