Bryce Harper And Gigi Hadid Played Catchphrase On ‘Jimmy Fallon’ And Harper Cheated To Win

At spring training a few years back, Bryce Harper showed up in a PED FREE tee shirt, a shot at people who intimated that his massive physique was the result of illegal means.

Bryce Harper wanted everyone to know he’s not a cheater.

Well, now the entire world can see he is. He went on Jimmy Fallon last night and played a game of Catchphrase with Fallon, Gigi Hadid, and Andy Samberg.

Harper pulled out some bullshit in rounds two and three, accepting ‘toasted marshmallows’ as an answer for ‘s’mores’ and ‘beaver’ for ‘eager beaver.’

His brother took to Twitter to say Harper cheats all the time.

Can we trust anything he does anymore?

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[Via The Washington Post]