Bryce Harper Had The Day Off Yesterday. He Still Hit A Game-Tying Home Run In The Bottom Of The 9th

What do you do when your boss gives you an unexpected day off?

Haha I don’t need you to answer that, I know the answer. It’s jerk it. You jerk it so many times.

Bryce Harper’s manager Dusty Baker gave him the day off yesterday. The Nats have off today, so Baker figured he could get his superstar two full day’s rest at the beginning of the season.

But with the Nationals down one run to the Twins in the bottom of the ninth, Baker had Harper pinch hit.

You know what happened next.

He jerked it (the ball, that is, to deep center).

Watch home runs: 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, we forgot to post 6, 7, 8