Ultimate Bro Bryce Harper Gave A Homeless Woman He Saw A Jar Of Money On Mother’s Day

Washington Nationals v Chicago Cubs

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Bryce Harper had himself some weekend. The Nationals got swept in a four game series by the Chicago Cubs, and Harper experienced what many are calling the ‘Barry Bonds treatment.’

On Sunday, Harper walked six times. Three normal and three intentional. He was also hit by a pitch, becoming the first person to ever have seven plate appearances without recording a single at bat. In the four game series, he had only four official at-bats, despite playing in every game.

Think the weird experience got him down? Not at all. According to a Cubs employee, who posted about the experience on Facebook, she saw Harper go out of his way to help a homeless woman after the game on Sunday.

Asheley Moore wrote:

got to work security for the visitor’s bus after the game today & witnessed something amazing! Bryce Harper had already gotten on his bus but, about 10 minutes later he walks off again with a glass jar full of money. I watched him run across Sheffield & give it to a homeless woman who was sitting under a tree next to her dog with a big smile. That woman’s face lit up so brightly & she couldn’t believe it! I couldn’t help but give him knucks as he got back on the bus & told him he was a good man. He gave them back with a smile & a big thank you! Nationals or not…that was incredible to witness! Thanks, Bryce! Respect‚̧

What a fucking Bro, yo.

[Via The Washington Post]