Bryce Harper Viciously Sneaked A Selfie While A Fan WEARING HIS SHIRSEY Was Right Behind Him


All-World bro Bryce Harper of the Washington Nationals is on a personal mission to make baseball fun once and for all, doing whatever it takes for people to enjoy America’s Pastime again. And it looks like his efforts extend to off of the field, too.

The reigning NL MVP showed that today while visiting the Smithsonian during his off-day by sneaking a seflie with a kid who was actually wearing a Harper shirsey!!

While Bryce is, arguably, the best ballplayer on the planet and should be recognized by everyone, maybe the kid didn’t get a chance to see his hero before it was too late. Or maybe Harper’s backwards snapback and glasses through the kid off? Or maybe the two did meet and the Internet just never actually saw the pic or video? SO. MANY. QUESTIONS.

Regardless of what happened after this pic, it’s cool to see a superstar like Bryce Harper have some fun and still appreciate the little things about being a pro athlete, you know, like someone wearing a shirt with his name and number on back.

This isn’t the first time Bryce has shown his selfie game’s A-plus, as he snapped a pic of himself last season when a fan tossed him a phone during a game.

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