Bryce Harper’s Wife Rips ‘Classless’ Nationals Fans For Heckling Bryce By Wishing Ill On Their Infant Son

Greg Fiume/Getty Images

The Washington Nationals officially eliminated Bryce Harper and the Phillies from playoff contention in a 5-2 victory at Nationals Park Wednesday, marking the Phillies fifth straight loss. Oh yes, and the Nats clinched a Wild Card berth Tuesday with a doubleheader win for an extra twist of the knife.

“It was wonderful to eliminate him here in our park,” Nationals general manager Mike Rizzo said following the game.

While Harper had nothing but good things to say about his former team after the game, he did see to it to call out some Nationals fans who he believed crossed the line in their trash talking in the eighth inning.

“They were fine all game, talking about myself and things like that,” Harper said. “I get it everywhere I go. That’s nothing new. But the last two innings, it’s just not right. It’s not right.”

“I’ve got 60,000 fans up in Philly that appreciate me as a player, appreciate me as an individual and my family, as well,” Harper said. “I owe a lot to those people up there in Philly because they show up for me every single night and they’re there to cheer us on and boo us and keep us going as a team and as individuals as well.”

Harper’s wife, Kayla, then revealed on Twitter that Washington fans resorted to saying some aggressive things about their four-week-old son, Krew.

My one hope for myself is that my life doesn’t get shitty enough to wish a developmental disorder on someone’s son because he made a business decision I don’t agree with. I wouldn’t consider myself a good person necessarily, but I still hold on to faint shreds of human decency.

Plus, it’s just a WIDDLE BABY!

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