Bryce James Changes Mind On Where He’ll Transfer

Bryce James and Bronny James

Getty Image / Cassy Athena

Bryce James decided that he would transfer out of Sierra Canyon High School this summer.

He had previously decided that he would play for Campbell Hall, but has now changed his mind and enrolled at Notre Dame/Sherman Oaks.

This summer, Bryce James made a big decision on his future as he tries to follow in his brother Bronny’s footsteps and work his way up recruiting rankings over his last couple of years in high school.

He decided that he would leave Sierra Canyon, where he had previously teamed up with his brother, Bronny James.

Earlier in the summer, he picked out Campbell Hall as his next destination and even played a tournament with them.

It turns out that won’t be where he plays basketball next season.

According to Sports Illustrated’s Tarek Fattal, James will no longer be heading to Campbell Hall and has instead enrolled at Notre Dame/Sherman Oaks.

Notre Dame is the defending champion in California’s Division 1.

Bryce James heads into his junior season without having made much of a mark at the high school level.

He played sparingly for Sierra Canyon’s varsity team during 2 years at the school, making just 12 appearances for the team.

Despite that, James is already a pretty highly-touted recruit. He is the 9th-ranked recruit in the state of California for the Class of 2025 and has already received an offer from Duquesne.

At Notre Dame, James will be teaming up with another player who has a famous father.

The team is currently led by Master P’s son, Mercy Miller.

Bryce James will have a couple of years to impress scouts at Notre Dame before he’ll have to make his next decision about where he wants to play basketball.