Bryce Young Reportedly Impressing The Panthers With One Specific Trait

Bryce Young

Jacob Kupferman/Getty Image

Carolina Panthers 1st overall pick, Bryce Young, is reportedly making a significant impact on the team with his impressive poise, according to a recent report by ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler.

During the Panthers OTAs, Young has displayed remarkable composure and decision-making skills that have caught the attention of his teammates and coaches alike.

Fowler noted that “Poise” is a word commonly associated with Young when discussing his performance in Carolina. Regardless of the situation, Young maintains a calm demeanor and never appears rushed on the field.

His actions exude a sense of smoothness and control, making him a standout player during OTAs.


Fowler further elaborated on Young’s performance, highlighting his accuracy and precision in throwing intermediate and deep balls. Whether it be during practice sessions or facing a defense, Young has consistently delivered accurate passes, placing them in the perfect spots, even in tight spaces.

His ability to find the right windows and fit the ball into small gaps demonstrates his impressive understanding of the game and his exceptional arm talent.

“Poise the word you hear often when you talk to people that in Carolina, his decision making when he walks on the field he never looks rushed everything feels pretty smooth, his energy is always good. I’m told his intermediate to deep balls whether on air or against a defense have been pretty good. He’s placing them in the right spots, in between right in the small space where you need to fit it in.”

Adding intrigue to Young’s journey, Fowler shared an intriguing anecdote about the pre-draft process. Prior to the 2023 draft, the Panthers did not provide Young with a playbook in advance, as they had not disclosed their intention to select him as the 1st overall pick.

However, rather than waiting for official instructions, Young took it upon himself to delve into the tendencies of Panthers head coach Frank Reich. He researched the offensive strategies employed by Reich in his past coaching roles, ensuring that he was well-prepared and knowledgeable about the team’s potential playbook.

This proactive approach demonstrated Young’s commitment to his craft and his desire to be fully prepared for any scenario.

Young’s dedication to understanding the Panthers’ offensive schemes before even officially joining the team showcases his work ethic and football intelligence. It further solidifies the belief that he possesses the intangible qualities necessary to excel at the professional level.

As the Panthers and their fans eagerly await the start of the upcoming season, the impressive poise displayed by Bryce Young during OTAs has raised expectations and generated excitement about his potential impact on the team.

With his calm demeanor, impeccable decision-making, and dedication to mastering the intricacies of the game, Young appears poised to make a substantial contribution to the Panthers’ success in the seasons to come.