Bikini-Clad Softball Star Brylie St. Clair Wows Fans With New Fishing Pic And Video

Mississippi State Softball Brylie St Clair fishing pic

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College gymnastics star Olivia Dunne may have millions of followers on social media, but can she catch a big ole catfish while noodling?

Because, as evidenced by recent Instagram and TikTok posts, Mississippi State softball star Brylie St. Clair sure can.

For the unfamiliar, noodling is the act of catching fish, especially catfish, with your bare hands. The noodler, in this case, Brylie St. Clair, places their arm inside a catfish hole, then while using your fingers as bait, slipping your hand in the fish’s mouth – usually a flathead catfish – and then dragging it out of the water.

The practice is illegal in a majority of states in America and is practiced primarily in the south. Mississippi is one of the states where it is legal to noodle.

The 22-year-old St. Clair, who hails from Sand Rock, Alabama (where noodling is also legal), captioned a TikTok video of her releasing the large catfish, “fun day on the water”, adding in the clip, “this is our fourth fish of the day.”

@brylie.stclair Fun day on the water @Ethan Craig$ #foryou #fyp #noodlingcatfish #noodling ♬ 7AM (Slowed + Reverb)

The popular 5-foot-5 softball player played in all 117 games over the past two seasons for the Mississippi State Bulldogs.

In 2023, St. Clair was fourth on the team in runs scored and hits and went 7-for-8 on stolen bases, tied for the team lead.

She has amassed over 120,000 followers on Instagram and over 230,000 more on TikTok.

It is social media posts like that which has allowed Brylie St. Clair to land a handful of endorsement and sponsorship deals.

@brylie.stclair Try @Alba Botanica island vibe sunscreen lotion with me! #ad #albabotanica #hawaiiansunprotection #teamalba ♬ original sound – B

This latest round of noodling is also not Brylie St. Clair’s first rodeo when it comes to catching giant catfish.