Bryson DeChambeau Does The Most Incredible Impression Of Bill Murray From ‘Caddyshack’


Bryson DeChambeau captivated everyone at this year’s Masters tournament thanks to a funky swing that’s already being touted as, possibly, something that could revolutionize the sport of golf. Even after Bryson became the low amateur at Augusta and went pro, though, I can’t help but be more impressed with his impression of Bill Murray AKA Carl Spackler from Caddyshack.

Still just 22 years old, DeChambeau wasn’t even close to being born when the legendary golf flick came out in 1980, so props to him on studying up on how to become a real-life Spackler.

With skills on and off the course like this, let’s all hope Bryson DeChambeau stays towards the top of the golf world, because we need shit like this in our lives on the reg.

[H/T FOX Sports]