Bryson DeChambeau Wants You To Know He Works Out, Posts Very Awkward Video Of Him Simply Leaving The Gym

bryson dechambeau workout

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Bryson DeChambeau made a pledge back in October that he was going to spend a chunk of the offseason bulking up and that’s exactly what he’s been doing.

He said he was going to come into the new season looking like a completely different person. I’m not so sure that’s going to be the case, but he’s shared some videos over the past few weeks of his training which his fellow Tour pros have poked some fun at.

His latest video, however, is a total head-scratcher. Nothing better than an awkward 18-second clip of a guy walking out of a gym with no context or reasoning behind the video.

I’m not going to sit here and dog DeChambeau for practically living in the gym for the past few weeks bettering himself, because most of us could all use more time in the gym, but I can’t sit back and just act like this is a normal video.

Did he get done with his workout, toss his phone to his trainer or buddy and say ‘hey man, film me walking out of here’ then sort of act surprised that the camera was on him just to utter the word ‘dead’? Because that’s all the video is, DeChambeau saying ‘dead’ then ‘time to rest.’


Maybe he feels obligated to get stuff up on social media at a pretty consistent basis and so he just said to the hell with it and posted the video, because there’s no way in hell he watched the video back and said ‘oh hell yeah, this video is too good.’

Love him or hate him, DeChambeau does things his own way and there’s something cool about that whatever your opinion is about the guy.

Look out for the new-look DeChambeau in the next couple of weeks. He’ll be down in the Bahamas for the Hero World Challenge and then part of Team USA at the Presidents Cup in Australia the following week.

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