This 150 MPH Bubba Wallace NASCAR Crash At Pocono Raceway Is Hard To Watch

High stakes stock car racing is an inherently dangerous sport. You’re full throttle for 200+ laps of left turns, trying to catch every mechanical edge possible to find the speed and beat Kyle Busch. There’s a lot that can go wrong when handling a monster machine at 150+ MPH.

Bubba Wallace, driver of the No. 43 car, put a cold chill down the spine of NASCAR fans everywhere at Pocono this afternoon. He apparently suffered a brake failure at 150 MPH in the final stage of the race, causing him to veer into the infield grass at max velocity, eventually slamming into the outside wall of the raceway. The grass appears to have slowed him down, but he still took a hard hit to the wall.

It’s a scary, heart-stopping moment and easily the worst crash of the 2018 NASCAR season. Fortunately, he climbed out, which is a big testament to all the regulations NASCAR has enforced to improve driver safety over the years.

Here’s Bubba talking about the wreck afterwards. Good to see him on his feet.

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