The Brilliantly Dumb Show And Bubba Watson May End Up Going At It Once And For All

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It’s a big day for The Brilliantly Dumb Show as we are getting closer to a showdown with the shows long time arch enemy, Bubba Watson. It all started at the 2018 Genesis Open after a couple on camera blow-ups with fans led to me deciding to give Watson a gentle chirp as he made his way to the third tee box. A simple “Not Today Bubba” led to the shows most viral moment and a slogan that has made its rounds through the golf world.

Since that tournament which Watson ended up winning, I have been back to Riviera every year. It has created a long-lasting relationship with Watson that I am not even so sure he knows we have. After numerous direct messages reaching out to Watson’s camp, we have finally got a response that has given The Brilliantly Dumb faithful some sort of hope that we can finally meet for what would be a wild podcast. A simple reply from Watson consisted of his manager’s email to get the date set up and a “thank you for the support” which makes me believe he has absolutely no idea who I am.

I’d be lying to you if I told you I don’t think Watson is great for the game because he is. Watson is one of the most well known PGA Tour players out there and has brought a new generation of golf fans into the sport. Although old school golfers may not agree, his on-air blow-ups and occasional dispute with fans have given the game of golf a lot of publicity and reasons to tune in. Now, all we can hope is that golf fans have another reason to tune in to Watson and that would be a highly anticipated appearance on The Brilliantly Dumb Show.

Bubba, if you happen to be a BroBible guy just know, we are ready when you are.

Robby is a social media personality and host of the brilliantlydumb show. Also known as Bobby Fairways for his golf vlogs.

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