Bubba Watson Is The Most Disliked Golfer On Tour?


I was under the impression two-time Masters champion Bubba Watson was universally beloved, what with the Golf Boys and the General Lee and the devastating snap hooks and all.

But apparently that affection from the public is not shared by his colleagues on tour.

ESPN recently polled 103 players, including some of the biggest names around, on various topics, including who they wouldn’t help out in a fight.

That is what we call a blowout. Now, one could argue that no one wants to help him because they figure he can handle his business in the brawling department. But a more cynical reading suggests there are more than a few players who wouldn’t mind seeing him knocked down a peg.

Life at the top, man. It’s lonely.

Luckily for Watson, it’s golf, a gentlemen’s game, so concrete throwdowns are not a common occurrence.