Bills Picked As Heavy Super Bowl Favorites But Buffalo Fans Surprisingly Hate It

Bills Picked As Heavy Super Bowl Favorites But Fans Surprisingly Hate It

Getty Image / Brett Carlsen

NFL football is nearly upon us Thursday Night Football kicks it all off. The Buffalo Bills are set to face the defending Super Bowl champions in what should be a fantastic game. Everyone is making their picks on who will win the title this year and it sounds like Buffalo is the heavy favorite. However, the fanbase surprisingly is hating it.

Bills Picked As Heavy Favorite To Win Super Bowl 57

The NFL Gameday crew made their picks and predictions for Super Bowl 57. Every single one of them chose the Bills to play and win the big game. Everything about it feels like the experts are jinxing Buffalo and the fans are smell it a mile away.

Bills Fans Hate Being Picked As Super Bowl Favorites For The 2022 Season

This fanbase has suffered quite a bit of heartbreak through the years. Buffalo once went to the Super Bowl four consecutive times in a row just to lose each one. Additionally, it took years for the Bills to get back to title contention, as Josh Allen has helped lead this team to multiple playoff appearances.

The fans have had enough and they are sick of hearing about the Bills being the heavy favorite to win the Super Bowl this season as they believe this is a massive jinx.

Some are saving this early season hype for later in case it blows up in the Bills’ face.

I mean, we’ve never seen a graphic like this blow up in everyone’s faces before (heavy sarcasm).

The Bills Super Bowl hype this season is as real as it gets. We’ll see if they can live up to it, but the fanbase has every right to be frustrated with the obvious favoritism. Especially if you’re a superstitious fan.

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