Buffalo Bills GM Reveals What Franchise Isn’t Willing To Do To Get A Ring

Buffalo Bills General manager Brandon Beane

Getty Image / Michael Hickey

Over the last few NFL seasons, the Buffalo Bills have repeatedly been considered one of the top contenders to win a Super Bowl ring.

Despite those expectations, they have only made it past the divisional round once in the last 3 years.

Even though the franchise has struggled to get over the hump the last few seasons, it seems they aren’t ready to go all-in with moves to try and win right now.

GM Brandon Beane said there are moves they could make to go all in and then have a tear down, but they aren’t going to try to compete that way.

“There are some moves that we could do that would say we’re all in for this year and then have a tear down,” Beane said. “We’ve been diligent with the cap to try to avoid that type of situation. It’s not easy, especially when you have a top 10 quarterback, great receiver, Tre White, Von [Miller] and some of these guys. Ultimately, we think we’ve got a plan to continue to go for it year after year and hopefully we can find a way to pull that title home for Buffalo sooner rather than later.”

I don’t understand the hesitation about going all in for one year to win a ring.

The Eagles were wrongly accused of doing it last year and the negativity around the idea didn’t make sense then either.

At the end of the day, winning a Super Bowl is the goal. Who cares if your fan base has to suffer for a few years afterwards?

I’m sure the Rams are fine with where they are at right now because it got them a ring. Bucs fans seem pretty happy about that ring they just won even though the franchise is in a tough spot now.

Sustained success is great, but at the end of the day, what exactly is it worth if it doesn’t include a ring somewhere along the way?

This should be especially true for a Buffalo Bills franchise that has never won a ring.

For the last few years, the Bills have entered the postseason with high expectations, but fallen short against the Chiefs or Bengals.

If one of these moves could get them past their AFC rivals, then I don’t think it really matters if it will hurt their future.

At some point, just making the playoffs over and over again really isn’t enough.

The Buffalo Bills have been bad before and at some point they’ll likely be bad again. They might as well do whatever they can to get a Super Bowl ring in between.