College Pitcher Pulls Of The Most Insanely Accurate ‘Trick Shot’ You’ll Ever See — I Had To Watch This 5 Times


Twitter / Pac-12 Network

I like to think Cal pitcher Ryan Mason pulling off this once-in-a-lifetime ‘trick shot’ is similar to bars that have a jar full of money and let you roll the dice at the end of the night. You pay $1, you get three rolls, and if you get five of a kind (Yahtzee!) you get all the money in the jar. I think that the University of California Pitching Coach probably has a similar game where he allows his pitchers three tries each day to try and hit this and the winner gets a personal pan pizza party for the entire pitching staff.

Clearly Ryan Mason is the first pitcher in history to pull this shit off, because it’s so unbelievable I had to watch it five times just to believe what my eyes were seeing:

Here’s a slow-mo look at it so you can’t call shenanigans:

Matt Monagan of reports that this video was filmed Friday night during a game between Cal and Stanford, one of the top West Coast college baseball rivalries. It’s 100% real, and Ryan Mason is clearly the most accurate pitcher in the entire world, there’s no other explanation here.

Big shout out to our very Eddie Peña (a former minor league pitcher) for sending this my way!