USC Star QB Caleb Williams Says His Goal Is Winning 8 Super Bowls, To Pass Tom Brady

Tom Brady Caleb Williams

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USC standout quarterback Caleb Williams, widely touted as the top prospect in the 2024 NFL Draft, revealed his goal is winning eight Super Bowl championships during his NFL career.

Speaking in an interview with GQ Magazine, Caleb Williams shared a number of goals he has for his career, including winning 8 rings.

When asked about the reasoning behind his ambitious goal, Williams quickly stated, “Tom Brady has seven, so you’ve got to set the bar high.”

Additionally, Williams expressed his goal to become the first overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft. With his exceptional talent and impressive collegiate performance, many experts believe he has a strong chance of achieving this goal.

It’s worth noting that the quarterback position is one of the most competitive in the league, and success often depends on various factors, including the team’s performance, coaching, and overall circumstances.

Placing a goal of eight Super Bowls on himself might be a bit tough at this point of Williams’ career.

The question on many minds remains which NFL team will have the privilege of selecting Williams as the first overall pick in the upcoming draft, the early expectations is the Cardinals.