Call Of Duty League Reveals Changes And Structure For Upcoming 2021 Season

The 2021 Call of Duty league season is approaching soon and we’re beginning to get a look at what major changes are coming next year.

On Friday the CDL announced that this season will feature five high stakes Majors with all 12 teams competing in best-of-5 matches in 4-versus-4 battles played on PC using League-approved controllers. The Majors will be preceded by several Home Series events to determine the seeding for the major tournaments.

Teams will continue to earn critical CDL points for each match win throughout the season but additional points will be awarded based on a team’s performance at each Major. At the end of the season only the top eight teams will make it to the 2021 playoffs.

Here are the full details from CDL League blog.

Tournaments are back as high stakes Majors that will feature all 12 teams in the Call of Duty League competing in double-elimination competition. Tournament seeding will be determined by head-to-head group play matches over the course of three Home Series weeks leading up to each Major.

The regular season will include five stages, each culminating in a Major Tournament. During each stage, all teams will compete in five group play matches to determine their seed in each Major.

Like last year, teams will earn CDL Points for each match win throughout the season—

with additional points distributed to teams based on their performance at Majors. CDL Points totals will be critical, with teams fighting for their spot in the 2021 season standings and a shot at becoming one of eight teams to qualify for the 2021 Call of Duty League Playoffs.

The league has yet a schedule or start date for the 2021 season so stay tuned.