Calvin Johnson’s Former Teammate Nate Burleson Wrote An Incredible Tribute To ‘Megatron’ On Facebook

Nate Burleson currently serves as a host and analyst for the NFL Network and really does a great job in expressing himself in a thoughtful, articulate way, so it should come as no surprise that his tribute to the now-retired Calvin Johnson was simply superb. The two played together for four seasons in Detroit.

Here’s Nate’s post from Facebook:

What a perfect, creative way of summarizing one of the greatest, most understated players of the last decade.

One of the best lines was the following:

“I can only describe it like a Super Hero realizing his Super Powers one day at a time until he realized he was there to save the city.”

Awesome. Nate covered all the bases and got deep with this one:

“You are one of few shining examples of how I will not only teach my kids to approach sports, but how to approach life.”

And the finisher was just killer:

“You stood like a Giant amongst Boys, toiled like a Peasant amongst Kings and blessed us with your presence like a God amongst Men.”

Well god damn. Feverish standing ovation. There will still be many tributes to follow, as CJ was widely respected and liked by his peers, but I’m not sure anyone will be topping this one.