Cam Newton Dropped A Freestyle Rap For A Reporter And Let’s Just Be Thankful He Has Football To Fall Back On

Super Bowl Media Day is now “Super Bowl Opening Night” for no other reason than to to grab those extra ratings the NFL is in such dire need of. Over the years, comedians and random mascots showing up to ask absurd questions and pull stunts have become the norm for this stirring event, so for the most part it’s become a redundant, predictable clown show.

But occasionally something worth talking about does happen, like Cam Newton attempting to freestyle.

This is really good if you’re not good at rapping and make an attempt to rap.

Here’s the full transcription of Cam’s biting bars:

I don’t think ya got swag,
‘Cause your shirt is yellow
It shoulda been Carolina blue
Somethin’ that ya shoulda thought, somethin’ ya should knew
We chillin’ in the Super Bowl with lotta media

[pregnant pause]

Man I hate talkin’ to the media
But it’s all good, it’s all great,
Man I look at the team, man I’m goin’ straight
I’m straight outta [unintelligible] by way of Atlanta,
You can see the towel on my head, so people call it a bandanna

It started out with promise until it all came crashing down in flames with that back to back media line with an awkward pause sandwiched in the middle.

This is precisely how I hope Super Bowl 50 goes down. Nice opening drive and then the whole damn thing blows up in Carolina’s face.

BUT, to be fair and balanced as I always strive to do, Aqib Talib got the same request from the same reporter and I’m not even sure if the Broncos DB knows what rap is:


Wow. We expect significantly better performances from both of you come this Sunday, gentlemen.

[H/T Complex]