Cam Newton Met With Roger Goodell Today; Steelers’ Marcus Gilbert Says Cam Needs To Stop Whining

On Sunday, Cam Newton spoke at his post-game presser about how he didn’t feel safe on the field, complaining about taking too many unnecessary hits.

Well, today Cam Newton got his meeting with Roger Goodell that he said he would to discuss his concerns.

According to ProFootballTalk things went great…

Newton told reporters he had a “great discussion” with Goodell on Tuesday and feels good about the possibility that referees will keep a closer eye on him while he’s passing to make sure opposing players aren’t getting away with roughing him, as Arizona’s Calais Campbell did on Sunday.

“I got my point across, he got his point across,” Newton said. “We’ll see Sunday and moving forward.”

Newton said he realizes that when he runs, opposing players are allowed to hit him like he’s a running back. But he believes that he’s not getting the same protection as other quarterbacks when he’s throwing.

“In the pocket, that’s all I’m asking for,” Newton said.

Meanwhile, Pittsburgh Steelers tackle Marcus Gilbert expressed his opinion on Cam’s complaining.

Reports ESPN

“Ben gets hit more than anybody in the league, and he never complains. C’mon, man. This is the game of football,” Gilbert said. “If you’re out there and you’re scared to take a shot, then don’t be out there, especially if you’re a running quarterback. [Defenses] are going to take shots at you. Just the way, his style of playing football, how he celebrates, I guess he gives the guys a chip, like let’s go hit the reigning NFL MVP.”

He continued…

“When he’s running over people, he’s going to stand right up and he’s going to celebrate,” Gilbert said. “This is the game of football. I’m sure there are cornerbacks or linebackers, whoever he’s running over, the safeties, they aren’t complaining about getting run over or getting crowned, facemask to facemask with the quarterback from a guy his size. Of course, guys are going to take shots … I don’t think anybody is trying to purposefully hurt him, but you’re going to get those extra hits, especially against such a great player.”

Then Gilbert really hit the the nail on the head with this analogy…

“I’m sure all the other 53 guys on that team are hurting just as bad and pretty much take a lot of shots, too,” Gilbert said. “Look at the running backs, look at the receivers going across the middle, the linemen, you get rolled up on all the time. It’s just a football game, bro. You’ve got to embrace it, you’ve got to accept the challenge that’s ahead of you, you have to go out there and play ball.”

So, obviously, there are two ways to look at Cam’s complaints: (1) that they are legit and something needs to be done, or (2) as Gilbert says, “This is the game of football.”

Which side do you fall on?

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