No Fun League Flags Cam Newton For Celebrating First TD With Panthers In 1,078 Days

Cam Newton Panthers Touchdown I'm Back Excessive Celebration Penalty


  • After scoring his first touchdown with Carolina in more than 1,000 days, Cam Newton was excited.
  • However, he got a little bit too excited (per the No Fun League) and was penalized.
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Cam Newton is back and he wants to let everybody know. However, his announcement came with a price.

Earlier this week, in a bizarre full-circle turn of events, the Panthers re-signed Cam Newton to their active roster after releasing him in March, 2020. Newton, who spent nine years with the Carolina organization, went on to sign with the Patriots last season.

Prior to the 2021 season, the former MVP was expected to receive an opportunity to continue as the starter in New England. However, after Mac Jones had a great offseason and Newton violated COVID-19 protocol, Jones was named QB1.

As a result of the decision, both parties agreed to part ways so that Newton could join a team that could provide an opportunity to play. That team, now his current, was also his former.

After Sam Darnold was ruled out for the season with injury, Carolina brought Newton back on a lucrative contract earlier this week. NFL fans were shocked by the potential value.

Despite the reaction to and appearance of the move, Newton was ready to go and released a hype video for his return. Three days later he was all of the way back.

Early in Sunday’s game against Arizona, for which P.J. Walker was technically the starter, Newton was tapped near the goal line. It was no secret what was about to happen, and the 32-year-old took a designed QB Power to the edge for six.

It was his first point scored for the Panthers in 1,078 days. His last touchdown with the team came on Dec. 2, 2018.

Touchdown Carolina. Touchdown Cam Newton.

After the play, Newton ran to the crowd, took off his helmet and proclaimed “I’M BAAAAAACK! I’M BAAAAAACK!” in celebration.

Although he was excited, because he removed his helmet, Newton was flagged for excessive celebration and called for unsportsmanlike conduct. Really?

About three minutes later, Newton was tapped again for a goal-line package. He scored his second touchdown of the season and his second touchdown back with Carolina through the air.

He’s baaaaaaack!