Cam Newton Releases An Emotional Hype Video After Rejoining The Panthers And Fans Are Absolutely Amped

cam newton panthers return hype video

Iconic Saga

  • Cam Newton celebrated his return to the Carolina Panthers with a hype video to commemorate the occasion
  • Based on the reactions, plenty of Panthers fans got very emotional after watching it
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When this year’s NFL season kicked off, Cam Newton found himself without a job as a starting quarterback for the first time in his professional career after he was released by the Patriots over the summer.

While plenty of fans seemed to believe he was getting the Colin Kaepernick treatment due to the lack of interest from teams in fairly desperate need of an even somewhat capable QB, those concerns were put to rest on Thursday after Newton met with the Carolina Panthers before officially rejoining the team after the two sides agreed to a hefty contract that will pay him handsomely for his services over the rest of the year.

Shortly after the news broke, Newton’s production company dropped a celebratory hype video to commemorate his return to the franchise that drafted him with the first pick in 2011.

The 45-second clip features dramatic shots of Newton smoking a cigar, in a hospital bed while recovering from his 2019 foot injury, and the shortest workout montage you’ll ever see—all set over the obligatory cover of “Coming Home,” which is to hype videos featuring athletes returning to their former team what Fort Minor’s “Remember the Name” was to every basketball mixtape uploaded to YouTube between 2006 and 2008.

Is it about as cliché as it gets when it comes to a comeback video? Sure, but plenty of particularly emotional Panthers fans still ate it up (while others chimed in with some jokes).

Here’s to hoping those tears of joy don’t turn into tears of sorrow as this newest chapter continues to unfold.

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