Canadian Football Player Runs Into Goal Post At Full Speed, Goal Post Not Flagged For Targeting


If you’re not familiar with Canadian football, one of the major differences is the size of the playing field. For instance, the end zones are 20-yards deep and the goal posts are stationed in play.

You see, Canadians are tougher than Americans and won’t let the pesky issue of injuries detract from their enjoyment of a violent sport. You guys Up North are the real heroes.

Regina Rams receiver Mitch Thompson, however, did not get much enjoyment out of his deep post route against the Manitoba Bisons on Friday night.

Injury was added to ineptitude when he slammed into the immovable object at top speed after dropping a sure touchdown pass.

On the bright side, knocking one’s self out is a good way to avoid an immediate tongue-lashing from an angry quarterback and head coach. That would just be piling on.

Film session, though? That’s an entirely different story.

[H/T: Reddit]

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