The Capitals and Flyers Had a Brawl Last Night Which Featured Only About 1,000 Cheapshots

by 5 years ago


The Washington Capitals and Philadelphia Flyers have been at each others’ throats pretty much all season. It started back in November when the Caps shellacked the Flyers, 7-0, which led to Flyers goalie Ray Emery skating the entire length of the ice to pummel an unwilling and passive Braden Holtby.

Every game after, it has been on. The two ended a home-and-home last night, and with the Flyers taking a quick 2-0 lead, things got chippy. In the clip below, you’ll see three massive hits, which were the precursor to a full-line brawl. That’s when the Flyers got dirtier than the pool at the Holiday Inn at Panama City Beach.

A quick breakdown before the video, for you to follow along:

At o:26, Wayne Simmonds punches a clearly defenseless Connor Carrick.

At 0:52, not one, not two, but three Flyers jump—literally jump—John Erskine.

At 1:04: Simmonds holds back Erskine to allow his teammates to throw punches.

For all this, Simmonds got four minutes of penalties, while two Caps got ten-minute misconducts.

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