Cardale Jones Dominated A Hospitalized Kid In NCAA Football


The Ohio State Buckeyes football team visited some children in a hospital yesterday. Quarterback Cardale Jones, who has a reputation for being all business, proved he didn’t go to play nicely either.

Jones took a page out of Orlando Scandrick’s playbook and showed no mercy to the kid with the other controller.

Here’s a screenshot of the score midway through the fourth quarter. Apparently he was really trying to impress the College Football Playoff selection committee.

// add insult to injury, Jones pulled himself off the end of the bench to crush the bed-ridden child, winning Player of the Game honors.

As I’ve stated before, I’m completely OK with this. There is nothing worse than being patronized by an older Bro during an athletic contest. I’m sure getting to play video games with a star college athlete was treat enough for the kid. I highly doubt he’s going to bitch and moan about getting throttled.

Plus, if I’m Urban Meyer, I want Jones showing no mercy in every aspect of his life. Can’t have him getting soft before Monday night’s big game.

[H/T: Sporting News]