Carli Lloyd Appears To Quit Twitter After Backlash To Her Criticism Of A FedEx Driver

Carli Lloyd Appears To Quit Twitter Due To Backlash Over FedEx Tweet

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  • Carli Lloyd appears to be taking a break from Twitter after receiving a ton of backlash for a post
  • The retired USWNT star put a FedEx driver on blast for leaving packages in the rain in a now-deleted tweet
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We live in a day and age where most people rely on companies to ship products directly to their doorstep, and you’d be hard-pressed to find many people out there who don’t have at least one horror story about their delivery going awry at some point during its journey to their home.

There may be plenty of examples of the good men and women who work for the USPS, FedEx, UPS, and other services going above and beyond to ensure whatever they’re dropping off makes it to its destination safe and sound. However, those tend to be overshadowed by instances where they make some fairly inexplicable decisions (it’s been ten years since someone manipulated the vinyl record marked “FRAGILE” I ordered into the shape of a halfpipe so it’d fit in my mailbox and I still think about what was going through their head on a regular basis).

On New Year’s Day, former United States women’s soccer phenom Carli Lloyd used Twitter for its intended purpose—complaining about minor inconveniences— by hopping on the platform to share a now-deleted post about a FedEx driver who’d declined to put a number of packages under her front awning on a rainy day.

Carli Lloyd FedEx tweet


It’s safe to assume Lloyd assumed others would be sympathetic to her plight, but as she learned very quickly, that was not the case. While she didn’t expose the identity of the driver, plenty of people weren’t thrilled with her decision to criticize someone in a notoriously low-paid and overworked profession (she also didn’t do herself any favors by pulling out some fairly antiquated and tired arguments when defending the initial tweet).

Carli Lloyd FedEx tweets


Lloyd eventually took down all of her tweets about the delivery and then appeared to announce her decision to take a break from Twitter.

You’ve gotta love the internet.

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