Yankees Pitcher’s Wife Shuts Down Rumors That He Won’t Play This Season

Carlos Rodon warms up at Yankees spring training.

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Carlos Rodon’s wife, Ashley, is putting an end to the rumors surrounding her husband. Many are saying the newly signed Yankees pitcher won’t be available on the mound this season.

This, coming after the team signed him to a massive offseason contract in an attempt to bolster the starting rotation. Unfortunately, he’s yet to play in the pinstripes.

Rodon was shut down with a forearm injury prior to his first spring training start, which postponed his debut in New York. Now, chronic back issues have led to a prolonged absence as he’s yet to toe the rubber in the Big Apple.

He’s reportedly receiving a shot for those back problems this week, but at the moment, his throwing program has been halted.

“I can’t put a timeline on anything,” Rodon said. “I’ll get this injection and I want to throw as soon as I can.”

This latest news, combined with his past injury history, has many in New York hesitant that Carlos Rodon will pitch at all this season, but don’t tell his wife that.

Ashley Rodon posted a reply on Twitter to a notable Yankees podcast that has its doubts about the lefty suiting up.

That original tweet read, “Jomboy said on Talkin’ Yanks that he’s heard from unverified sources within the Yankees building not to get your hopes up on Rodon pitching this year.”

Ashley quickly quipped, “Bulls—. [From a] reliable source.”

That response garnered quite a response from Rodon’s followers.

One person wrote, “Love it………… Carlos is a lucky man !”


It’s not the first time Carlos Rodon’s wife has been vocal to his critics. Last year while playing with the Giants, Ashley blasted the MLB after her husband was snubbed of an All-Star invite.

“Are you actually kidding?” she asked before letting everyone know that Rodon led the National League in Wins Above Replacement.

We’ll see if Ashley’s claim comes to fruition. Fans are hoping she’s right.