Caron Butler Rocking Brand New Hair On NBA Broadcast Freaked Everyone TF Out, Including His Own Kids

Caron Butler New Hair Freaked Everyone Out Including His Own Kids

Getty Image / NBA TV

For about as long as most basketball fans can remember, former NBA player and current NBA TV analyst Caron Butler has been pretty much bald.

For reference, here’s Butler with Kobe, Lamar Odom, and Brian Grant way back in 2004 – just two years removed from college.

Embed from Getty Images

And here is Butler in 2015, near the end of his NBA career.

Embed from Getty Images

Note that Butler had LESS hair 11 years later, not more.

So when Butler went on national television on Saturday breaking down the NBA Playoffs with a brand new, thick head of hair that sprouted seemingly out of nowhere, there was no chance in hell that the internet wasn’t going to notice. (Right, Jason Witten and John Cena?)

Even worse, it turns out that Caron Butler’s own kids didn’t know WTF was going on with their dad’s new hair, something that Butler had a good laugh about on social media.

Then on Sunday, Butler’s hair was gone as quickly as it arrived, much to Shaq, Barkley and everyone else’s delight.

We hardly knew ye Caron Butler’s fake hair. Much like Carlos Boozer’s spray-on hair, you will be dearly missed.

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