This Is The Catch Of The Year In The Australian Football League And It Is Extraordinary

I know today is July 4th and it’s supposed to be all about America, but goddamn this is a spectacular catch from the Australian Football League.

North Melbourne Kangaroos’ (That’s the team’s name, I’m not being stereotypical) small forward Lindsay Thomas knew that the ball was well over his head and outside of his jumping abilities. So he improvised by using his opponent’s back as a ladder. He climbed the back of Cold Coast Suns’ player Adam Saad to make this spectacular mark (What the Australians call a “catch,” but it sounds silly).

Thomas got so much air and height that when he crashed back to the field he injured himself and stayed down for a few moments. But he did manage to hold onto the Sherrin (The official ball that they use in the AFL). That would be the lone bright sport for North Melbourne as Gold Coast smashed the Kangaroos by a score of 125-70.

I guess you could say, he had his back.