Cavinder Twins Reveal Stunning ‘Killer Glute Workout’ In New IG Video

Cavinder Twins

Allen Berezovsky/Getty Image

Cavinder Twins, Haley and Hanna, popular for their athletic prowess, have unveiled their “Killer Glute Workout” in a new Instagram video.

The twins, who have amassed a massive following on TikTok and recently crossed the one-million mark of combined followers on Instagram, shared the video with their fans.

In preparation for their transition into the WWE, the Cavinder Twins showcased their workout routine, designed by renowned Health & Wellness Coach, Kat Padgett.

The video takes viewers through various exercises aimed at sculpting the glutes. From warm-up routines to specific exercises like the “4×6 hip thrust,” the twins demonstrated their dedication to maintaining their physical fitness.

Accompanying the video is a caption that the girls are sharing their leg day routine and that the full workout can be found on their YouTube channel, encouraging their followers to subscribe.

Throughout the video, the upbeat song “B**** Better Have My Money” by Rihanna played in the background, adding to the energetic atmosphere.

Having achieved considerable success in college athletics, particularly in basketball, the Cavinder Twins made headlines when they recently announced their departure from the University of Miami and retired from the sport.

Now, they have set their sights on a new endeavor: professional wrestling in the prestigious WWE.

With their devoted fanbase eagerly awaiting their next moves, the twins’ transition into wrestling presents an exciting opportunity for them to showcase their athleticism and entertain audiences in a whole new way.

Given their ability to captivate both on and off the court, it seems likely that the Cavinder Twins will leave a lasting impression on the world of wrestling as well.