Cavinder Twins Show Off Their Glutes In Latest Viral Instagram Video

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The Cavinder Twins once again have Instagram all hot an bothered after a new viral Instagram video on Monday showing their glute workout.

The duo are some of the most popular female athletes on the planet today, with over 4.5 million followers on their TikTok page and a further 300,000 on Instagram.

Their ascent from relative obscurity to superstar has been nothing short of rapid since the start of pandemic.

Hanna and Haley began using TikTok more frequently at that time and immediately grew a massive following. The twin basketball players then transferred from Fresno State University to the University of Miami, which only served to further grow their popularity.

While at Miami, they helped the Canes reach the Elite Eight for the first time in program history. But rather than return for their final year of eligibility, the pair opted to explore other avenues.

To this point, those avenues include a podcast deal with Jake Paul’s sports betting and media company, Betr. They’ve also appeared multiple times on WWE programming and have expressed interest in pursuing a pro wrestling career at some point.

“So, we definitely aren’t going to close any doors but we are going down there to see an event and then we’re going to see some facilities. WWE has one of the most loyal fanbases I’ve ever seen in my life. They live it,” Hanna told The Spun about joining WWE in 2022. “Being able to align with their audience and kinda being able to bring both of our audiences and mesh them together, it’s been very exciting to see. They’re very competitive and we’re very competitive, so having that, we can’t wait. We’re not going to close any doors though.”

But for the time being, their back to making waves on social media.

They went viral on Instagram on Monday with a video showing an entire week of workouts, most of which focused on their glutes.

In just over an hour, the post has nearly 10,000 likes.

Wherever they end up in the future, it’s clear the Cavinder Twins are bringing an army of fans with them.