CeeDee Lamb, Michah Parsons Say One Very Obvious Thing Surprises Them As Dallas Cowboys

CeeDee Lamb, Micah Parsons Surprised By 'Hate' The Cowboys Get

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  • Micah Parson and CeeDee Lamb are surprised by something not at all surprising when it comes to the Dallas Cowboys.
  • The two Dallas stars were caught off guard when they were drafted by the Cowboys.
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The Dallas Cowboys are undoubtedly the most hated team in the NFL, they’re right up there with the Yankees when it comes to the most hated franchises in all of sports.

While there’s no denying that the Cowboys also have one of the most passionate fanbases, everyone knows they have their fair share of haters. Despite all of that, two Cowboys players were caught off guard by the amount of hate the team gets from the outside.

Linebacker Micah Parson and wide receiver CeeDee Lamb weren’t fully aware about all the Cowboys’ haters out there.

“I knew but I didn’t really know,” Parsons told ProFootballTalk. “But I didn’t know like Dallas was like Dallas. I didn’t know we had that much hate. I didn’t know all that came with it.”

Lamb’s comments echoed Parsons’, he explained that fans love to watch Dallas lose.

“Everyone loves to see you lose,” Lamb said. “It’s crazy, I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Lamb and Parsons certainly aren’t wrong, non-Cowboy fans absolutely love to see Dallas lose.

It is a bit surprising to hear that both players were surprised by the fact that so many people out there pull against the Cowboys. I suppose it is a bit different actually being a Cowboy and hearing all the hate than just being an NFL fan cheering for your team and rooting against Dallas.