The Central Michigan Football Team EXPLODED With Joy When They Learned Their Bowl Game Wasn’t In Detroit

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Although the Central Michigan University athletic department slow-rolled the shit out of them with their unveiling, you won’t find a happier group of people than the CMU football team the moment it was communicated to them that their bowl game was in the Bahamas and not Detroit.

A bowl game is supposed to be a prize for having a decent season, not a punishment. You could see that all over CMU’s reaction. I’ve never understood why we continue to play these things in cold weather, but part of me still wishes this video went the other way. I YEARN to see the reactions of the teams who are stuck playing in the Quick Lane Bowl in Detroit (Rutgers and North Carolina). The devastation in those videos would be off-the-charts. Crushed souls everywhere.

Obviously I mean no disrespect to the dead-of-winter sightseeing that Detroit has to offer and I’m sure part of this jubilation is because they are going to the Bahamas, but being selected for the Quick Lane Bowl is worse than being selected for no bowl game at all.