Here Are The CFB Uniforms High School Recruits Voted As The Best And Worst

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Old school college football people might talk crap about the abundance of uniform combos that the Oregon Ducks roll out each and every season, but, according to 100 high school recruits, the decision to wear a different style each week is working.

That’s because a new poll from Pick Six Previews showed that the Ducks were voted as having the best uniforms in college football—which really isn’t a huge surprise given the fact that they’ve sort of built up a reputation for flashy threads. Here’s how the numbers stacked up:


Pick Six Previews

In contrast, there had to be a program with the worst uniforms, right? Well, in somewhat of an upset, recruits aren’t much fans of the traditional look, as the reigning national champion Alabama Crimson Tide were picked by recruits for having the ugliest.


Pick Six Previews

Don’t worry, Bama fans, while your squad might not be raking in votes for style, you are flashing some serious bling, having won four of the past seven national titles—which is what it’s all about anyway.

In addition to the uniform poll, Pick Six Previews asked recruits their favorite brands, too, with the results coming out in Nike’s favor.


Pick Six Previews

So if you’re a college football coach who wants to bring talent to your program, you’d be wise to follow Oregon’s lead and have Nike design some sick, colorful and unique uniforms for you—if this poll is any indication of what players are looking for.

[H/T Pick Six Previews]

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