CFB World Reacts After Gigantic News About College Football Playoff

College Football World Reacts After Gigantic News About College Football Playoff

Getty Image / Jeffrey Brown

The long-rumored expansion of the College Football Playoff appears to have finally been agreed on, according to multiple sources.

Pete Thamel of The Athletic was one of the first with the news that will forever change college football.

Details for the new College Football Playoff still need to be ironed out


Wihle it seems they have settled on a twelve-team format with automatic bids for the six highest ranked conference conference champions and six at-large bids for the next six highest ranked teams, not everything has been decided.

We still do not know where games will be played. whether that is on the higher seed’s home field, all neutral site games, or a mix of both remains to be seen. But most importantly, it’s unclear if the new format will start in 2026 or possibly as soon as 2024.

Almost all fans want some games to be played at host sites, and @Eddie Rado on Twitter is one of them.


Opinion on the announcement seems to be split

There is a surprising amount of dissent amongst college football fans, despite the fact that the news likely increases the chances their favorite program will get to play in the playoff soon.


Many, like @jbdude12 on twitter think this is just a money grab and not good for the sport.


@Jacobcs23 pointed out that there haven’t been a lot of close playoff games in the four-team format and he expects it go get worse.

Of course, some people are all for it. @BBHRobert is one of those.

At the very least, it appears that we will be getting a higher number of meaningful college football games in the near future.