This CFL Touchdown Celebration Just Raised The Bar

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I haven’t watched a CFL game since the last time I was in Canada which was probably 2 or 3 years ago. It’s a fine sport to watch when the NFL isn’t on and it appears that things are getting better by the day, at least in terms of showmanship.

The CFL Playoffs are currently happening and this touchdown celebration from the Ottawa Redblacks has gone viral. When I said (in the headline) that this TD celebration has raised the bar I meant that both literally and metaphorically:

Now that team-wide touchdown celebrations are acceptable in the NFL it’s only a matter of time before we see something on this level. We simply cannot let the Canadian Football League outdo us when it comes to TD celebrations. If need be, I propose signing these players to a contract just to provide some inspiration.

Sadly, for the Ottawa Redblacks, this was the high point of the game. As noted on Deadspin, after this TD the Redblacks didn’t score again until the third quarter and ultimately fell to the Saskatchewan Roughriders. This was the East Division Semifinals and the Redblacks were sent packing after busting out the most inspired TD celebration of 2017. Am I wrong for thinking there should be an offseason workshop for TD celebrations where players can pay $$$$ to work with a choreographer? This should happen.

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