Chad Johnson Claims He Never Got Injured During His NFL Career Because He Ate McDonald’s Everyday Instead Of Eating Healthy

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During his time in the NFL Chad Johnson had a stellar 11-year career despite the fact that he’s always had an addiction to eating McDonald’s.

Back in 2009, Johnson talked about his Mcdonald’s diet during an episode of HBO’s Hard Knocks.

“I’ve been able to survive on McDonald’s still to this day. Nothing has changed about my eating habits. They say breakfast of champions, lunch, and dinner of champions. My pre-game meal. Don’t let them tell you that McDonald’s is bad for you. Eat what you wanna eat and you work out the way you’re supposed to. It’s not gonna bother you.”

On a recent appearance on the I Am Athlete podcast got into a spirited debate with former NFL wide receiver Brandon Marshall about never getting injured during his NFL career because he ate McDonald’s every day instead of eating healthy.

Chad Johnson: I never got hurt because I ate McDonald’s and it built a callus in my body…You ate all that healthy shit and when someone banged you’re body it couldn’t take it.

Brandon Marshall
: Bro, you’re crazy. You’re lucky.

Chad Johnson: People at home if you see this, eat whatever the fuck you want to eat, the body has to build up a callus, you eat all this healthy stuff and sterilize everything, when shit happens to you, you’re immune system can’t fight shit off,you’re body can’t react to shit. Just live, man. All this fucking science is what’s killing everybody.

Marshall and Fred Taylor continued pushing back at Johnson’s McDonald’s claims which led to another hilarious exchange regarding Johnson’s anti-science stance.

McDonald’s should probably seriously consider giving Johnson a promotional deal for his defense of the fast-food company.

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