Chael Sonnen’s Story Of Jon Jones Hiding Under A Cage For Eight Hours To Avoid A Drug Test Is Literally Bananas

Jon Jones has not had a good few weeks. Technically, I could extend that statement to include months, but I’m just going to stick with the last few weeks. This is mostly because I, like many people, thought he was about to make his comeback. Kind of turning his career around and the whole nine yards. Then he didn’t, after failing a drug test administered by the USADA and now I have no idea what he’s going to do next.

However, according to a conversation Chael Sonnen had yesterday with Joe Rogan, this is allegedly not the first time that Jones has gotten in hot water over drug tests. Specifically, a little while back when the UFC was trying to put together a fight between Jones and Anthony ‘Rumble’ Johnson, apparently Jones pretty much pissed off everybody he wasn’t supposed to piss off by trying to hide from the drug test administrators. How did he hide? Under the cage in the middle of the gym.

If I was like ten years older, I’d probably retire from the blog game right here and now, because that story is just unreal. I’ve never heard anything like this. Mind you, these were grown men who put this plan together. It’s literally like when a kid breaks something expensive and sticks it under their bed in hopes that their mom won’t notice it. “Jones, easy fix, just hide under the cage. They’ll never notice that you’re missing. It’s not like they’re literally here only to see you.” Sure, I can kind of see how they thought the testers would see he’s not there and go home. But also, they’re here for one reason and one reason only. These guys didn’t show up to test the chlorine levels at the local pool. There’s way too much money riding on this to just give it a ‘eh, we tried.’

Here’s the JRE Podcast in its entirety.

[h/t Coed]