Chargers Defensive End Chris McCain Blasts Dak Prescott And Calls Him A ‘Bum’ After Chargers Crushed The Cowboys

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Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys had a pretty terrible Thanksgiving.

Today, the Cowboys got absolutely crushed by the Los Angeles Chargers on both sides of the field while the entire nation watched.

Prescott, who has struggled mightily for the past three weeks, threw two interceptions and finished with a raw QBR of 14.2. To add insult to injury, Chargers defensive end Chris McCain fired off some shots at the Cowboys QB for talking trash earlier in the week.

Via Twitter

@dak looked like he was playing on pro and the everyone else was on all Madden. @nflnetwork tell em watch his mouth when dogs up next. #bum

Before the game this week, Prescott appeared to praise the Chargers defense.


“It’s a great defense,” Prescott said. “They get after it. They’ve won four of the last six, and I think it’s been from what they’ve been doing on defense and the ball production they’ve had.

“Obviously, you watch the film from last week [and you see] great ball production, getting to the quarterback [and] causing havoc. I think up front they might not be the most talented we play, but they have the hardest motor and highest motor. They go after it every play. That’s a great quality to have in this league.”

I’m not entirely sure why McCain was angry at Prescott for but apparently he used it to fuel his play today. As for Prescott he needs to snap out of whatever funk he’s playing through right now if he wants to make the playoffs this year.