The Chargers Used Junior Seau In Hype Video Announcing 2019 Uniforms, People Were Not Pleased

Chargers Used Junior Seau In Video Announcing Uniforms, Angering Fans

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In what I hope, please, please, please, was a coincidence, the San Diego Los Angeles Chargers chose Tuesday to announce they will be going with powder blue uniforms for all of their “home” games in 2019 – the same day that the brutally sad documentary on the life and death of Junior Seau made its network debut on ESPN.

Knowing how the Chargers’ organization has operated for the last several years, that is probably wishful thinking, however.

After all, appearing in the hype video announcing what uniforms the team will be wearing in 2019 at home was none other than… Junior Seau.

Yes, Seau is undoubtedly one of the greatest players in Chargers history. No problem there, but… one, he was a San Diego Charger, and two, he shot and killed himself at the age of just 43-years-old, leaving behind four kids, and three, the Seau family sued the NFL in 2013 over the brain injuries Seau suffered during his career – a lawsuit they just settled in October 2018.

Needless to say, reactions from some spurned Chargers fans (and others) with regard to the team’s use of Seau to market the team were pretty much what one would expect.

Suck more, Spanos family. You can’t.

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