This Is What It Looks Like To Be Worse Than Charles Barkley At Golf



Meet Brian. He sucks at golf. But you already knew that from the headline and just about everything going on in that photo above. I mean, just look at that fucking stance and set up. Nothing good can possibly come from standing with that posture at address unless your end game is a spinal injury. Well, that’s not 100% true. It’s also a great go-to stance for when you wake up in the middle of the night to take a drunken piss and it starts to feel like you’ve been urinating for hours, so you settle back on the heels, curve your spine, and try not to fall over.

Golf is not easy. Brian found that out the hard way while his friends laughed their asses off to his shittiness. He may never pick up another club again because of it, but his swing didn’t seem like a total lost cause. A few tweaks here, a back-brace there, and he could easily be better than Charles Barkely because what’s broken in Chuck’s game can’t be fixed by a swing coach. Brian doesn’t have years of scar tissue yet. We can save him.

Anyway… You came here to see Brian try and fail miserably at hitting a golf ball, so get to it.

[H/T Golf Digest]