Charles Barkley Reveals Big Super Bowl Bet

Giant Super Bowl trophy

Getty Image / Gregory Shamus

There is no single game in sports the receives more betting action than the Super Bowl over the course of a year in the US.

That is true of betting action taken by celebrities as well.

There will be plenty of big names with action tomorrow.

The celebrity that many think of when it comes to sports betting is Drake and he has already wagered quite a bit of money on the big game.

He has $700K on the Chiefs to win the game.

He has also put thousands of dollars on prop bets for the game.

Now it appears that another celebrity sees things the opposite way of Drake.

Today, Charles Barkley revealed what he plans to bet for the Super Bowl tomorrow. He said that he is going to bet around $100K on the Philadelphia Eagles.

Sportsbooks definitely agree with Charles Barkley’s take on how the game will play out as the Eagles have been the favorite in this game since betting lines opened.

Public perception is more split on the game with action coming in both ways. The line had moved to Eagles -2.5 at one point, but has now come back down a bit to -1.5.

However that line settles, we now know which team one of basketball’s most entertaining personalities we be rooting for during tomorrow’s game.